Cypress pointe 

Leasing Office

1015 Union Avenue, Bogalusa, LA 70427

Formerly Redmond Heights

New Construction (Under Construction)

Formerly Oakhill Homes (Under Construction)


Number of Units: 112
Total Development Cost: $19,299,645
Development Type: 4% LIHTC/Bonds/CDBG Funds
Development Partner: Bogalusa Housing Authority
Project Type: Family
Construction Jobs: 298
Permanent Jobs: 8


1st Mortgage: $5,000,000
Equity: $6,090,395
Developer Fee: $495,372

Total Sources: $19,299,645


Cypress Pointe RAD, LP is a 112-unit new construction infill and acquisition/rehabilitation project located in Washington Parish at 700
Redmond Street, 1115 North Royal Street and Ontario Avenue near the intersection of Rio Grande Street, Bogalusa, LA. This project is a Rental Assistance Demonstration program redevelopment effort that works to transform former public housing into affordable housing developments that serve a broader spectrum of the affordable housing population. The development included major renovation of the building systems, windows, roof replacement, updated HVAC, new flooring, exterior and interior
painting, new doors, lighting, new appliances, landscaping and signage for marketability, updated 504 compliance, and fully renovated bathrooms and kitchens. The development also includes enhanced resident opportunities for self-sufficiency. The educational programs are geared to help renters become homeowners.

Amenities & Upgrades:

  • Energy upgrade to HVAC
  • Water conservation methods
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Doors, windows, new lighting throughout
  • Kitchen rehabilitation
  • All new appliances
  • Updated flooring
  • New clubhouse
  • SMART Home Features


Developer BGC Advantage
PHA Bogalusa Housing Authority
Architect DNA Workshop
Equity Redstone
Debt Bellwether Enterprise
Bond Placement Stifel
General Contractor B.A.S. Construction
Management Company Standard Enterprises


Coburn Creek - 46 Units

2 Bedroom  |  Units: 24
Contract Rent: $626

3 Bedroom  |  Units: 16
Contract Rent: $821

4 Bedroom  |  Units: 6
Contract Rent: $1013

Edgewood - 20 Units

3 Bedroom  |  Units: 14
Contract Rent: $821

4 Bedroom  |  Units: 6
Contract Rent: $1013

Myrtle Grove - 46 Units

1 Bedroom  |  Units: 6
Contract Rent: $471

2 Bedroom  |  Units: 15
Contract Rent: $720

3 Bedroom  |  Units: 17
Contract Rent: $958.50

4 Bedroom  |  Units: 8
Contract Rent: $1125.90